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I See Sam Books Download and Print


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I had signed up for ReadingTeacher.com to have access to the I See Sam books, but only 4 were printable from that site. Then I received an email saying that as of January 1 the site would be suscriptions based. So, I went looking around and found readinglessons.com. It took some effort, but I was able to find all of the I See Sam books available for download from this site. I had to register (free) and then go through the various lessons tabs, select the "resources" for that lesson and then right click each resource I wanted to download. But at least I can now have the full set of books plus some additional phonics resources.


Here's the main link:


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That site looks neat! I haven't ever seen it before. I had this one bookmarked as an I See Sam source too. I always like having more than one source. You never know when a particular resource will be pulled.


Would you mind if I linked that site on my blog resources? We're past that type of instruction here but it looks like it might be really helpful. I can't tell exactly how useful the lessons would be without subscribing to the A-Z site but if they are stand alone it would be a unique resource.

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