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Funny/interesting gift stories

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Since we have lots of other gift threads...


Many, many years ago, when we were recently married, DH was really into Warcraft. Not World of Warcraft, the original, DOS-Based game that came before it. And he really liked the cute little, about 6 pixel tall animated orcs that talked to you.


So, that year, I set out to find a "cute little orc" for him. This was before online shopping was big (or really existed at all), and I struck out. I finally ended up sending a LETTER (how primitive!) to the old Enterprise 1701 Sci-fi/fantasy store in Orlando (Now Sci-fi City) because it was the only business of that type that I knew of by name. I got a very nice letter back stating that, unfortunately, "All our orcs are inherently ugly, but if your husband would like to adopt an ugly orc, we can arrange a placement visit and interview".


So, I gave him the letter and a "gift certificate" entitling him to adopt one orc :).


We now have a whole collection of little plastic orcs/trolls, including several versions of Lego ones, various Warcraft-themed ones, various toy ones, and so on. And there's a Christmas box under the tree this year, labeled to the orcs (it's a playmobil farm set I got free on an order, containing several plastic chickens, because there's a running joke between DD and DH where DH will bring the lego food up to the orc shelf because "the orcs are hungry" ).

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