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If you're looking for a cheap or free Christmas present for relatives...


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I was trying REALLY hard to think of an idea of something to give to my parents for Christmas this year since I don't have any $. I'm sure most of you have seen these:




Well, I couldn't afford to buy any Christmas balls, but I did have some red ones on my tree, so I thought I could use those. As a side note, I've been told that you can buy the ornaments at the dollar store. In addition, I found the white craft paint for $0.57 at walmart. So, the total cost of the presents for my parents was $0.57. I had each of my children make one for the grandparents, and now I have a great gift for them for almost free. :)


The picture shown above used colored sharpies. I happened to have some at my work that I used, but I've seen pictures that have only used a black sharpie for the hats, etc.

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