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Artistic Pursuits or Feed My Sheep by Stebbing?

Sue G in PA

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I'm so torn btwn these 2 art curriculums for my ds10 (really for all my dc, but esp. for him). I really like the DVD's of Feed My Sheep and that it is Christian. My son would love watching the DVD's. But, I've also been looking at Artistic Pursuits. Can anybody compare the 2 or give some reviews of either? Cost might be a factor. Artistic Pursuits is quite costly for just 1 book. Feed My Sheep has a package deal that comes w/ DVD's, TM, Marker Cards, supplies, etc. for like $100 or so. I'm just so torn. Help?

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I haven't used any Stebbing books, but we have used all 3 of the K-3 Artistic Pursuits books, and I'm just starting my 2nd time around with the 4-6 book 1. I own all of the books up through Senior High, except for the K-3's, which I sold. I intend to keep the rest, because I think I will use them for myself!


As I said, I haven't seen the Stebbing books, but I'd be curious to know if they have the range that AP does. By that, I mean that AP includes not only artistic technique, but instruction on looking at art (the elements of art) with many examples to look at and learn from, and art history, with information about specific artists and artistic movements. This is one reason I love it - it feels like a very complete program, yet it feels relaxed. It is not overly specific in what it assigns as projects, allowing the student to choose the subject matter (at least on the levels I've done) while encouraging focus on a specific element or technique. So, for someone who wants to be told exactlyy how to draw/paint something and what to draw/paint, this may be a drawback. I love the freedom of it, because it seems like once an element is explored, it can be applied to many different creations.


People say that AP is so expensive, but it strikes me as a bargain for all that's included, especially if you're using it for more than one child. Also, it has an excellent re-sale value, if you decide not to hang onto it.


Another book you may want to seek just for fun drawing lessons is Mark Kistler's Draw Squad.



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