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Jensen's grammar users, one more question...

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So, if I use it about 2 or 3 days a week for 30 minutes, it will take two years to finish? Does that mean it will take another 2 years to finish the Jensen's punctuation too? We don't need a lot of elementary teaching as ds has had grammar in the past but I would like to take it up a notch without getting into what may be considered college level.(I don't see ds becoming an English teacher.) The curriculum out there seems to be stuck between too easy and way more than ds needs. Thanks for your help.

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you add in the tests (15--one for every 5 lessons), that equals 90 days. I think you can easily cover the material in one year-we always have. (I've used Jensen's Grammar with four of my five--the fifth one will go through it next year). And reading the lesson and doing the exercises only takes 15-20 minutes max. :001_smile:


I don't think there is a particular advantage to spreading out Jensen's for two years (although I do for some texts, like Abeka's high school grammar texts). His punctuation book can be done over two years--in fact, it was originally two books: Major Punctuation and General Punctuation. It is ideal to finish (or be nearly done with) the punctuation books for college testing (ACT, SAT) because those types of question *are* covered are the writing portion of the exam.



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We did do all the additional exercises also, but there certainly aren't 90 of them! I don't remember what the situation was but I do remember it was 6 "lessons" (lesson, extra or test) per week. We do have a shorter school year, but I can't imagine why it took so much longer. Seems like it could take just over a semester if we're just talking 90 lessons/test plus additional exercises. We did have some road bumps at the beginning of the year with a sick kid (dd doing Jensen's) and the like. Hmmmmm....

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