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American Girl Dolls.....again

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I'm thinking of getting dd an American Girl doll next year (yeah it will take me that long to save for the darn thing). I want to get her one of the historic dolls (Caroline? not sure yet). What do we really need to take good care of one? Do they come with anything to help with thier care or do you have to purchase it all separate?

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Their hair is the main thing you need to take care of. You have to buy a brush separately, from AG or a wire wig brush from somewhere else. The longer and/or curlier the hair the harder it is to keep nice but it also depends on the age of the child.

Nothing else special is really needed but it is easy to get sucked in to all the other stuff they offer!

Have fun deciding, my daughter loves them!

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Just ordered Caroline. With her, they recommended a hair pick instead of a brush (and had a convenient box to check to include it!). It was another $6. I personally think you can skip the accessory package. The hat is cool, but my dds don't play with the hats they have with their other two dolls. Most of the rest is just little stuff to get lost.

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