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What do you think about SOS English?

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Hi everyone. My dd, who has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, has been homeschooling the last three years on and off and now is permanently homeschooling. We are doing MFW Ancient History, some co-op classes and SOS Spanish, ALEKS math and online Wordly Wise Vocab. She is really enjoying the computer based curriculum.


I think (or know) that there are some holes in her learning the last few years, partly from being in and out of school and partly because of the tiredness/cognitive problems with CFS. She is very bright and soaks info up like a sponge when she is feeling well, but when she is tired it just doesn't stick. We are doing some schooling 7 days a week, to account for free time and sleep time.


I signed her up for ALEKS to patch some math holes and I am wondering if I have her use SOS English 9 (which has a lot of grammar and basic English stuff), maybe that will patch some possible English holes, and/or solidify the basics that she should know?


The SOS English will not be her main English curriculum, we will still be doing the MFW, but using this as a supplement. What do you all think? Thanks for any help you can give.

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I used SOS English for a semester last year. Two levels... 7th and 11th, if I remember correctly. We did not like it. Too much time was spent on some unimportant (to me) topics and it required too much rote memorization.


If you have time to go through everything yourself and only assign the lessons you feel are needed, then it might be a good fit.


We switched to Easy Grammar for the second semester last year and the first semester this year.

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SOS seems very balanced yet complicated. I love the built-in Scriptures material. This is our first year home university, and he is well known with more language art than he has with 5 years of group university....

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I'm going to use it as a refresher for dd- She did 7 lessons in one hour yesterday, so hopefully we can stay at or near that pace and get through it quickly. I will have to figure out how to only assign some things and not others. Thanks for our help, ladies!

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