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Which S.A. College for Cambridge AS Levels?

Guest Liezl

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Which South African College would you recommend for IGCSE and AS levels, and why? I am leaning towards BIDC (British International Distance College), but would love to hear your experiences.

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Just to give you some options:


Calvin did one IGCSE and two GCSEs (UK version of the same exam).


The IGCSE was biology: we studied it together at home (I had not reached that level in biology myself, so I learned alongside him), using the specified text book. Towards the end of the period, Calvin practised for the exam using old exam papers. He took the exam at a private school here in Scotland and got an A*.


One of the GCSEs was Classical Civilisation. As there was not a specified text book, I bought an online course. The tutor support was sporadic, so Calvin didn't really get properly prepared for the test: he knew his stuff, but his tutor didn't get him ready for the actual exam taking. He got a B.


The other GCSe was Mandarin. We used a tutor: she did the Mandarin teaching, but I organised the schedule of work and made sure that there was enough exam practice. He got an A*.


There is an active UK Yahoo group for home educators wanting to take exams. Most of them are heading towards IGCSEs; some will be doing (UK version) AS levels. If you are interested in joining, PM me and I'll send you a link.



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