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Books for kids about the criminal justice system?

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Anything I google or plug in to Amazon brings up children IN the criminal justice system - I'm looking for a book introducing the criminal justice system TO kids. My daughter loves shows like Law and Order, Criminal Minds, etc. I wanted to guide her to a bit more "reality" regarding the criminal justice system, but I need it to be a child friendly book in terms of readability (she is dyslexic and her reading stamina is low).


Any ideas?

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We really like "they broke the law you br the judge" as a read aloud and discussion book. I do believe there is a book like the what happened to penyy candy book, but called what happened to the justice system.


Neither of those would work for her to read alone I am sure but as read aloud/discussion books she may really enjoy them.


My kids ask to do the first one I listed. I am almost through it with the bigs and now ds9 is asking to start it with me as soon as they are done. It focuses on real life situations of teens and children breaking the law. It looks at background, what the crime was, and options for sentencing. You chose your sentence choice and defend why you chose it. Then you read what the judge actually chose followed by an update on the child/teen at the time of publishing. SOme learned from their mistakes, some got deeper into crime. It has been a real eye opener for my kids both into the justice system but into what certain choices could lead to.

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