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one more math question

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so i stopped life of fred fractions for life of fred decimals and percents, it's working better, and we will go back to fractions in a little while. now to my questions. my daughter likes fred again, she would like to do pre-algebra, i have both the books and she has looked through them, but i'd like something else to go with them to help her. i just don't know what might go well with fred. i was thinking math-u-see, but i don't know. i know -not- teaching textbooks.


if things go well, i'm going to try beginning algebra with fred, too.

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i was thinking of getting keys to fractions to help my daughter with fractions. which one would go with pre-algebra, the algebra ones -question mark-


i wish i had working shift keys -sigh-


Yes, Keys to Algebra goes pretty well with pre-algebra.

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