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Croatia and Slovenia?

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I found out today, that I get to go to Germany next August to visit my best friend again. This time, we will be child-free and are planning on going to Croatia to enjoy the beach. On the way there, we'll stop in Salzburg, Austria, and on the way back we're going to stop in Slovenia.


I have absolutely NO experience or knowledge of either Croatia or Slovenia. Where should we go? What should we do? What should we eat? What is either country known for in terms of what to buy there? It all seems so daunting.

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Our family spent a week in Croatia and absolutely loved it. We spent most of our time in Split, Dubrovnik, and Plitvice National Park. I'd recommend all of them! Transportation is not always easy. We took a train from Vienna to Zagreb (the capital, although it's not worth spending more than a day in), and from there went to Plitvice National Park. We took a bus there, but it dropped us off on the highway in the middle of nowhere. If you do go to Plitvice, I'd recommend staying in a hotel right in the park; anything else is inconvenient, unless you are renting a car.


From there we hired a taxi-van to drive us to Split, which was right on the coast. It is very lovely and old; some of the stores are built into the walls of an old palace. Lots of outdoor cafes overlooking the beach. Our main destination, though, was the smaller town of Dubrovnik, way down in the southern part of the country. We took a bus there -- about 6 hot hours of winding roads, but a lovely view if you don't get car sick! The bus route passed through Bosnia. Dubrovnik is a medieval walled city, where not too long ago during the war (1990's), people fled behind the walls for protection. They are still rebuilding parts of the city from that war. It's right on the Adriatic Sea, which we swam in every day. The beach there was nothing amazing on its own, but given the whole atmosphere of the town, it was wonderful. The whole town was a storybook setting. Dubrovnik gets very hot, and we were really glad we had air conditioning in our apt. I'd highly recommend Dubrovnik.


We took a ferry back to Split for a change of pace. Again, very hot and all of my children got slightly sea sick, but it was still quite fun! One room on the ferry was air-conditioned. From Split, we had to go back to Zagreb to catch the train. I can't remember how we got from Split to Zagreb.


Croatia is beautiful and not so touristy yet. My husband spoke a little German, and that helped us numerous times there. (German seemed to be a more common second language than English.)


I'd love to go back! Feel free to ask me other questions.


As far as Slovenia, we took a train through Slovenia but didn't stop there. Ljubljana was highly recommended to us though.

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Thank you!! This will make a great starting point. :) I definitely want to go to Plitvice. From pictures I've seen online, it looks gorgeous.


My friend is stationed in Germany, so we'll have a car. Given how the two of us operate together on trips, it's probably the best choice to keep us from bickering. We also both speak German (her better than me), so that's good to know that we'll be able to talk to people.


Thank you! Thank you!

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