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Thinking about changing things up

Wheres Toto

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I've been reading the recent Project Based Homeschooling threads and also looking at some of my old blog posts, and we used to have so much fun. I feel like we've lost that recently in an attempt to focus on the basics, especially since dd has started progressing with reading.


Right now, we start the day with Language Arts and Math. I've been trying to add in Literature, Spanish and journaling this year, which would be done at the end of the morning stuff (if there's time) or in the afternoon. The afternoon is also when we do History, Geography and Science - the stuff that's more likely to have fun projects. If we run out of time (or energy) these are the things that don't happen.


I'm thinking of changing so we do the Language Arts and Math in the morning 2 or 3 days a week, and start with History, Geography or Science (or games or field trips) the other days. So we're still getting to the basics, but also still doing the fun stuff.


Both kids are working "ahead" and only 2 or 3 days of school is not a completely unusual thing for us. :glare: I don't think there would be problems even if we only do our morning stuff every day. I would probably start with 3Rs Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and the fun on Tuesday and Thursday.


Any thoughts? Does this sound like a really bad idea?

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