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A Shameless Plug and Request (sorry.....)

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I've become one of those annoying people who is in love with my puppy. I think it's because my husband and I don't have kids together, so it's as if this dog is our child. I'm a little ashamed, but.....


If you're interested, would you mind clicking the link below (only if you're on FB) and voting for my dog, Jax? I realize I run the risk that you'll vote for a different dog, but I could really use the gift certificate prize money because his food is not cheap.


(plus, I really just want everyone to think my dog is cutest...and yes, I do realize how obnoxious that is, and I'm rolling my eyes at my own self. there. I said it).


Thanks! And please don't add me to your "ignore" list. :tongue_smilie:

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