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After an incredibly rough start, we are on a roll!

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*Everything* is working. All of it. Thanks to some serious soul-searching and the thread about being more relaxed, I think we are finally hitting our stride! My youngest missed all last week due to chickenpox. That gave me time to re-evaluate some things with my dd and to look over WWS, which came in the mail last week.


My dd has struggled with math since 6th grade (I've posted quite a few times about this in the past). We have at last figured out her problem; even though she's in 12th grade, she will be going back and doing pre-algebra this year. She's relieved as she feels things are finally beginning to click. Otherwise, she is loving all of the materials she's using in addition to her volunteer work once a week at a wildlife refuge.


My ds is the one who was really helped by the more relaxed thread. Our schedule is now skill stuff in the beginning of the day, with breaks between so his brain doesn't bleed or eek out of his ears ;) This is followed by either history OR science. I've chosen to cover the ancients this year with him, as he has no memory of doing them whatsoever, and he was interested. We're reading through SOTW 1, using library books, history encyclopedias, read-alouds, a lapbook, notebook pages, and crafts from AWOA. On science days, he starts by choosing a science book or encyclopedia from our science cabinet. From there he will read, do a notebook page or experiment and lab report. We also have a few hands-on kits or the old Considering God's Creation worksheets. The science and history take about 1-1.5 hours in the afternoon. We stop where we are and just pick up where we left off on the next science or history day. He's loving it.


I am very, very happy :)

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I remember your posts from the other thread. :hurray::hurray: So glad you are feeling more encouraged. Sounds like everything has clicked in your home.


I think the air from your house has blown over here b/c now I'm the one :eek: feeling like we aren't doing enough. It's the extracurriculars and housework that are getting to me, not to mention some attitudes that have sprung up lately.


Maybe I need to go back and read the relaxed thread!

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Thank you!


I'm sorry you're feeling like that now. Yes, do go read that thread. In all the years I've been part of WTM (15 or 16....I've lost count), it's one of the best I can remember (unless you count funny stories about the UPS guy's timing in delivering a package....or cupcakes....or kilts) ;)

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