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Easy Grammar Plus question pls?


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We did EG, but switched to R+S. We hate it. We want to go back to EG. We are going to use EG Plus.

I know that the TM has all the student pages in it, but is it true that the answers are directly next to the student worksheets? I only have one child. But I also do not want to have to go through the hassle of covering up every.single.answer.page.

Is it worth spending the extra $11.00 on the seperate workbook(CBD price).?

I always bought the set. But I am not sure if EG plus is set up differently. I know Gr 6 had the answers in the TM right next to student pages.

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I guess I'm the odd one out. I only buy the TM. We put a sheet in between to cover the opposite page. This makes it so easy for checking afterwards. I have never had a problem with my son cheating. Usually he does this subject right next to me, and I have trained him to want to improve himself, so he is always trying to improve upon his next worksheet.


It has worked for us, and we are on our 3rd year using EG this way. We plan to use EG Plus in the same way. Then we will probably go through the Ultimate Series. :D

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