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WWE and SOTW AG exercises?


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I find the activities in WWE level 1 at least and the questions and narration activities in SOTW AG redundant to the point where I gave up WWE last year. So now I was thinking about adding it back in starting at level 2 but it still looks redundant from what I can tell.


Any thoughts?


I would love to streamline language as we are currently using...





BTC (Beyond...)



and then possibly WWE2


That's a lot of what ends up being seemingly unrelated language work for my second grader. None of it is difficult at all it's just time consuming. I'd love it to be more connected.


Thanks again!


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With my 7 (turning 8 end of October) year old daughter (3rd grade), I'm doing this:


FLL 3 as written (we do the optional dictation exercises, but not the extra activities); WWE 2 (currently on week 21 - picked up where we left off last spring) at faster pace - generally do 2 days at a time, 3 times per week; SOTW 2 AG - only do the discussion questions orally, no narrations or written work; oral narrations of literature selections; Evan-Moor building spelling skills 4 + spelling city for extra practice/fun; Evan-Moor Daily Handwriting Practice/Modern Cursive (I skip this if it seems like she'd done a lot of writing that day).


Last year, the differences were: Spelling Workout B (too easy, so we went very fast), Wordly Wise 2 (good, but I decided I could accomplish the same ends via FLL/WWE/SOTW/literature discussion), Zaner-Bloser 2 Cursive. She finished ETC in first grade (I stopped after book 4, I think, b/c it was obvious she no longer needed it).


I'm not sure how much more streamlined we are this year; I guess the difference between my schedule and yours is that we're not doing ETC or WW (I'm assuming you mean Wordly Wise). If you feel like your child still needs those programs, keep it up. 1st/2nd does always seem to feel very Language Arts heavy, IMO. HTH.

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