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Would Math U See prepare a child for AoPS?


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IMO, deciding on AoPS Prealgebra is more about the particular student than simply about what math program they used before.


I haven't used MUS. See the (notoriously easy) pre-test for AoPS Prealgebra. Math-wise, I'd want basic arithmetic for fractions/decimals/negative numbers mastered first. You might consider adding in more problem solving to MUS to acclimate your student (e.g., SM IP/CWP or MOEMS books).


Note that AoPS was written specifically for bright math students. However, it all depends on how much depth the particular student is ready for. For example, I have a super-mathy, accelerated but young ds who easily passed the pre-test a year ago. He started the Prealgebra book this fall, and after a couple chapters we are putting it aside for a bit because he's not patient enough for the problem solving aspects even though he can do the math. His older sister completed it but again, struggled with the problem solving aspects ***which is the whole point of the book***, to learn how to do that without freaking out, but being a year older then than he is now, she was more motivated to get through it. She would have gotten even more out of it if she had been another year older still, though I was happy with what she learned and her development of patience for problem solving. I plan to have my ds go back to AoPS Prealgegra, or at least certain parts of it, eventually, as he's a poster child for their series, or should be as soon as he's "old enough."


I thought I had read on the boards that MUS prealgebra includes material that was not covered in lower levels but is typically covered in other curricula at lower levels. In other words, I'd want to make sure you don't need to plug any "holes" in elementary math with that first.


Keep in mind that AoPS Prealgebra is among the most rigorous prealgebra options. It's also possible to run through an easier prealgebra first, as AoPS is deeper than many other options.

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I am asking the same question. We are currently in Zeta, with AoPS pre-a on the the shelf. I'm watching my ds 11 and how he thinks about math. I know he has the ability, and I want to challenge his processes. I believe that MUS actually could be good prep for this because it teaches them what is really going on with numbers. I have found that really taking the time with the videos and concepts and working things out with the manipulatives (even when it seems easy) really helps to solidify the reality of how numbers work.

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