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Types of Conflict, examples from literature


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It's late and my brain is getting tired. Could you all help me make a list of well-known stories (fairy tales, fables, etc.) that could be an example of these different types of conflict? Thanks!


man vs. man

man vs. nature

man vs. self

man vs. society

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What age group? I'm thinking in my daughters age (5th or so)

Man vs Man: Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe, Holes.

Man vs Nature: The Cay, Julie and the Wolves, Hatchet,

Man vs Self: A Wrinkle in Time, Juniper, Dicey's Song, Matilda Bone

Man vs Society: Homecoming, Shabanu


Most simple tales and fables and most fantasy are Man Vs Man, it seems, or you have to go into Jungian sybolism to tease out the more complex meanings. Picture books are more complex (going to bed stories are Self). You could go for the Odyssey for Man vs Nature (god, fate) and the Illiad for Man vs Man and Self, and Hamlet for Man vs Self, all in retellings if needed.

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