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Question about little boys...

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I think this kind of got lost in my other thread, and I was curious about it so thought I'd start a new one to ask...


Astro's really hairy. He's been that way (could see the little blonde hairs on his legs more than Link's, though he's still not like crazy grizzly hairy or anything :tongue_smilie: ) for a couple of years now, but the hairs on his legs have started getting dark. Is that normal? He's still blonde as can be... I just am a little unsure of it. If it helps any, DH has really hairy legs (though he isn't an all over hairy man-- Not trying to be TMI, just for reference) and he thinks maybe he'll just be like him. Thoughts?

(Astro will be 7 in November)

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I don't know if it's normal, but DS7 is much hairier than DS12 and always has been!


Curious, is the hair on his head also darkening? DS12 was born blond but his hair gradually darkened and turned brown by the time he was 5 (now it's dark brown). His body hair also darkened along with it and became more noticeable. DS7 when from light brown to dark brown hair around the same age and his body hair also appeared to get darker. At least, I always assumed that's what happened, it could just be that boys get furrier around that age! They do start acting like animals a bit more! :D

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