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high school history regarding sonlight/MFW

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We are doing Sonlight's core G this year for 8th. I have a 2011 program. I'm basically having my son read all of the books, and when there is time, we discuss the book. I do not like the way it is organized and I've tried to put the information behind the weeks, but it doesn't always line up. My son likes the books well enough. We haven't touched the timeline or mapwork. I'd love to do the 2nd half of this core in 9th. Is core H organized any better with the newer changes? I would also like to cover core 100 one year, probably for 10th grade.


Did Sonlight's changes improve core H? Did they change core 100 also? My other thought was to just cover MFW history, but I wasn't sure how to order my years. I do not want to cover ancients since we are covering the first part of history this year. I think we've only covered ancients and early American history really well, but we've missed out on everything between or after those.


Any suggestions on the best order/programs to use would be appreciated. I am not a textbook fan, so I'd like to keep him reading great books in some type of program. I've had friends suggest Notgrass, but I've not seen those.


Thank you.



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