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LA suggestions for struggling ADHD 7th grader?

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LA is my 7th grader's toughest subject and he was actually diagnosed with a writing LD when he was in 3rd grade. I'm looking for a curriculum that would be quick and easy to do after school and would hopefully have quick results. His writing and spelling are atrocious. He can read well but I have yet to find a spelling curriculum that works for him. I'm planning on buying copies of the books they will be reading in class this year to read with him but I am completely clueless on how else to help him. I do think if he were to see quick, applicable results that would give him confidence to stick with it.

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we use a very old AVCO spelling program called "if it is to be it is up to me" (I know, crazy name!!!)

It was written in the 70s and the sentences are so dated,its hilarious! but its the ONLY thing that works for my struggling ADHD /Dyslexic 14yo ds. The sequential spelling program grew out of the research behind this book, but I really like this one better.



Don't be put off by how simplistic it looks or how cheesy the title is!!

It is truly the best thing we've ever come across for ds. He was not getting anywhere with any of the other programs we tried and Im amazed at how well his spelling is improving!

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