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Irlens Questions

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My son tested positive to need irlens lenses. I have a few questions that I didn't think to ask when I was there as despite being early to our appointment we went way over & the next patient had to wait on us to finish up. :blushing:


So if you've gone through the process can you answer a few quick questions in regards to how it worked for you? I understand it could be different for me, but anyway..



1. The Irlens website says the lenses don't turn things colors, they just clear up the print. My son is borrowing a pair of glasses until his lenses are made. These are just a pair the Dr had in her office. I've no idea if they were someone else's at one time or samples or what. BUT, my son didn't want to use them at first because he felt they turned everything green. So I'm confused by the statement on the Irlens website that says: With the Irlen lenses, the page will still look white; but the print will be clear, stable and comfortable. Irlen lenses will not change the color of what you are looking at or make things darker.


2. The Dr mentioned that we can get our own frames & have the lenses fitted to them. We are doing lenses next month. This month we narrowed down color that works for our child. So this wasn't something I thought to ask until we got home. Can I just purchase any pair of frames my child likes & take them to the next appointment so the lenses can be made to the right shape/size?! How on earth does this part of things work? I'm confused! :lol:

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My son doesn't have the glasses, but uses a blue plastic overlay kind of like what one would use for an overhead projector. He has troubles with pages that are glossy and bright (like most textbooks) and just puts the overlay on top of the page. He does say that it turns the margins a light blue, but it helps him read those types of books so much easier.

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