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WWYD? Middle of the drama

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Yikes! I so avoid drama in my life at all costs.


Dd5 was at gymnastics. Right before class I was sort of laughing at her, possibly rolling my eyes because she was cold and wanted to wear yoga pants to warm up like the big girls do. Her coach (who she has on a different night and is in a director position) catches my reaction. What I didn't realize is her actual coach for that day was 5 min late and just showing up to the gym. The first coach, let's call her "Nancy" assumed my reaction was about the late coach (I shall call her Sally). Nancy calls me over (in the middle of her class that has already started) and whispers, "write an email to complain". I said laughingly, "no way, I don't want to get involved in anything". Nancy says, "make it anonymous" and walks off.


Fast forward to today, office manager calls and says that she heard I had concerns about "Sally" :confused: I said again, I don't want to be involved. Manager says, "but you're a parent and if you have concerns they need to be heard". Sooo I told her she was late and she asked how many times so I said two (I think). I don't keep up. I told her that even though she was late its ok because she's a great coach and that's the truth (she's a team director). I tried so hard to make it seem as if it wasn't a big deal, but I couldn't help but feel that the manager was digging for "evidence" too.


I feel bad. I didn't start this, and I don't want to be involved. I respect both coaches despite their behavior. If you know gymnastics, you know that there is a fine line between being a crazy gym mom and a supportive parent. Now I feel like I'm being somehow used as a gym mole. This does not feel good! Now I'm afraid that she will figure out who it was and take it out on the kids. My plan is to not say another word. But should I catch the office manager again and reiterate it's not a big deal? I need to be as neutral as possible with both coaches. Either one could make decisions out of spite that would hurt dd in the future.

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I would turn it around on the manager. If she asked if you have concerns, just say, "Not really. Do YOU have concerns?" Who knows. You may get an honest answer or at least an idea of why they seem to be out to get this particular coach. They could have a problem with her for something serious and are trying to put together a good case for getting rid of her. Or it could be petty gym politics. :p Good luck.

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