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LLATL blue, question

Carpe Diem

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Hi, I was wondering if someone could recommend where to start in this program. My 6 yo ds almost 7 in Nov. is now reading the beginning Magic Treehouse books with me sitting by him to help with an unknown word. He just took off on this. He is breezing through ETC book 1.


Where would you recommend I start with LLATL? I really appreciate your input. Life is crazy trying to get my 15 yo dc homeschooling. Now I gotta get the others going.



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I don't think a jump up to Yellow would be good (sorry!). You could maybe start with Red. Blue is first grade, Red is 2nd. I just posted this info about Red on the other LLATL thread:

Red right away (lesson 1) discusses compound words, antonyms, "when two vowels go walking, the first usually does the talking and says his long name", blend words (ch, sh, pl, etc).

Looking ahead to lesson 18....ou in out, ou in court, ou in young, word box words: house, double, cloud, country, etc, subject/predicate, quotation marks

Have you had him take the placement tests?

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