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Garage Sale.....How do I price my items??

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I've never done this before, but we're having a garage sale on Saturday.... SATURDAY! I am woefully unprepared.


I have tons of children's clothes, most of them in beautiful shape. For some reason, they were never really worn. Also cross country skis, a children's school table (really nice shape) with chairs. LOTS of other stuff that is in very good shape. I don't know. I want to get rid of this stuff, but I don't want to give it away. I am NOT a garage saler, so I really don't know how people price things.


Can the hive help me out?



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Where I live, children's clothing is cheap. Most people price everything at $.50 or $1 each. Kids shoes are usually the same. If something is a top brand in perfect condition, it may go for a little more, usually $2-5. Winter coats and boots are $3 - $10, again depending on condition and brand. I see people trying to sell clothing for more, but no one buys unless it's something really special.


I've seen skis for $10-$50. School table and chair sets for $15-40. Generally, price things at 1/4 or less of the new price if you want them to sell. For super expensive items, maybe 1/2 if it's still in style and in like-new condition.


ETA: All that said, keep in mind that people who garage sale are looking for bargains that beat store clearance sales and Goodwill prices. The more things that are less than $2, the more you'll sell.

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