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What to add to MOH to make more meaty?


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We started MOH Ancients with my 11yo who loves History. She is also reading SOTW as a side as it corrolates with MOH chapters. We are doing a timeline/book of centuries combo and taking the pre-test and after tests. She is also doing the projects/activities when they are listed.


Is still doesn't feel like enough to me. I do one lesson a day M-W and then one day for extra things like the timeline. Is there anything else I can add to beef this up some? We are not doing the memory cards. She even made out the whole student notebook and she is worked through lesson 9 and she doesn't have much to show for it.


More projects or hands on tied with more reading would be great.



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Thank You. I guess I am not the only one who felt it needed more. I had originally wanted to go with BiblioPlan but then went with MOH. I like the text, I just want more. She is not so artsy, so I don't know if History Pockets will work for her but she does like building and doing other kinds of activities. I will look into those...thanks again! :001_smile:

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