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Growing w/Grammar vs JAG


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This is our first year doing grammar. My daughter is in 3rd grade and we are using GWG. I was planning to switch to JAG in 4th or 5th because it seems so efficient. GWG has been pretty simple, but I really like the idea of not doing the same thing over and over. I read in another post that some had considered using GWG every other year. Does anyone use a single level of GWG over 2 years? Is JAG considerably more rigorous than GWG? Any recommendations on whether to spread GWG over 2 years or switch to JAG?

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Take this for what it's worth... we've used both.


JAG moves quite fast and there isn't a ton of practice. It's like eating a full meal all at once. It also teaches parsing which my "big picture" son HATED. He does very well with diagramming, but just could not tolerate parsing.


GWG is more like snacking all day long. (Or being pecked to death by a duck... choose you're favorite analogy). :D It's little bites over more time.


Personally, when it comes to grammar I like the little bites over time. I don't think grammar needs to be an intense subject, yet on the other hand I do believe it necessary to good writing. 3 of my kids use GWG and we use the grade level they are currently in. Yes, it is a lot of review and the format makes it quite easy for them. But, is that a bad thing? I would like for my kids to be reminded over and over again how to construct good sentences. My 2nd grader STILL does not remember capital letters and periods all the time. He needs to be reminded often and in small chunks.


You probably want to think about your philosophy when it comes to grammar. Do you want little reminders over time or do you want to hit it hard and work the rest out in their writing over time.... just my $.02 for whatever it's worth! ;)

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