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Help! Consent to travel advice needed!

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Please help with any advice you can give. I live in WA state. This is the situation:


A vacation was planned for DD to go with my mother (her maternal grandmother) to the Florida Keys. It has been planned for three months, tickets purchased 6 weeks ago and various reservations made.


DH and are fighting and he is angry at my mother and is threatening to revoke the vacation and said he will stop it physically because of his dislike of my mother (this week).


Mind you verbal agreement was all okay and hunky-dory before their and our blow up.


My mother and DH have a very close relationship, since her birth. She has never neglected her, never harmed her (other than doting on her every whim :glare:)


Anyhow, does he have the right to cancel this vacation without my consent, or worse call the police and claim kidnapping?


Any advice would be appreciated. I have no close friends I can ask. Thank you in advance.

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He can get a restraining order if he lies to a judge to say she will be in danger. Believe it or not in Oregon he wouldn't really be in trouble when he was caught lying and it might not count against him in court later in other issues. I know many people who have been lied about when it comes to restraining orders or have shamelessly violated them and there seems to be no consequence.


Your mother probably does not need dh's legal permission to take your dd anywhere inside the US. If she plans on leaving the US during this trip your dh can refuse to sign the notarized consent form to keep your mother from taking her and then you would have trouble.


The bigger issue here is that this is why you need a good attorney and you CAN NOT play nice during a divorce. Men generally view divorce as a contest. To them it is about winning and even good men can stop caring about their children during this time. You are beginning to experience this. You cannot afford a bad attorney. You need to beg, borrow, or work as many jobs as it takes to get a really good lawyer or this will be the tip of the ice burg.


Okay, I'm off my soap box. I really am sorry about the spot you are in. Please do not give in to him or it will be worse next time. Surround yourself with people who believe in you.:grouphug::grouphug::grouphug:

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Oh yeah, kidnapping is a Federal crime. He is not going to falsely report a Federal crime. My step dd went to North Carolina with her grandmother and her mother was angry and didn't want her to go and she said she would report my step dd as kidnapped. That didn't happen. To falsely report a crime to the FBI is a really big deal. Unfortunately it is not a really big deal to file a restraining order because you say you are worried about the safety of the child.

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