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Does your homeschool have a mission statement?


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Yes! And I keep it on my bulletin board where I notice it most days. :) It's less a statement and more a list of priorities and goals.


1) Relationship

2) Character

3) Love of learning

4) Education


And the strategies for supporting 3 and 4 are:

Offer excellent materials.

Encourage questions.

Provide opportunities to explore and find answers.

Guide to answers when prompted.

Request engagement or response.



Whenever I feel really lost or behind or failure-ish or anything like that with regards to homeschooling, I go back to the list. Oh yeah! I am doing this because, above all, I want a great relationship with my kid. I want to grow him into a person of strong character. Will the things I want to do to meet his educational needs support that? It's an excellent guide.


What I feel like I need is a list of strategies for supporting 1 and 2. More nebulous and difficult IMO.

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We don't have a mission statement so much as a motto:


"Encouraging a lifetime of growth in faith, love and knowledge."


I chose encouraging because ultimately I can't make them do anything. I chose lifetime because I want them to know and understand that there is always something to learn and grow from, especially in the areas of faith, love and knowledge.

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