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Please remind me what the WTM recommendations for history were before SOTW.


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We used SOTW, vol. 1 for history this year. I'm debating about whether we should use Vol. 2 or another resource. I don't have a copy of TWTM, as I always just check it out of the library when I need to re-read it. So, can someone with a copy pretty please help me out with what the suggestions for 2nd grade history (middle ages) are. If I remember correctly, the book was written before the SOTW series was published, so they recommended other books for the grammar stage history cycle. I was thinking it was an Usborne or Kingfisher book. Thanks!

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I'm looking at WTM, 1st edition right now...

The suggestions for Medieval History are:

The Usborne Book of World History (you could sub the Usborne Encyclopedia of World History)

I think Kingfisher is used in the upper grades.


Some other General resources are:

Ancient Aztecs Treasure Chest

A Coloring Book of the Middle Ages

Who Were the Vikings?

The Italian Renaissance: Living History

Columbus Discovers America Coloring Book

What Were Castles For?

Living in Castle Times

Life in a Medieval Castle and Village Coloring Book

Knights Treasure Chest

Myths and Legends of the Vikings Coloring Book

Queen Eliz. I Paper Dolls to Color

Growing Up in Viking Times

Journey through History: The Middle Ages

Journey through History: The Renaissance



Hope this is helpful! :D

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