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  1. We did not. I considered not having to do scheduled PE one of the perks of homeschooling. I honestly have no idea if my kids can do sit ups. I'm sure if they wanted to learn, they could.
  2. I got Alice for the Alice in Wonderland quiz.

  3. I got Mamma Bear. :D for the Mommy quiz...although a couple I had a hard time answering.

  4. I'll do that the next time I'm on FB...wonder what I'll be?

  5. Take the mommy quiz on facebook. :) I also took Alice in Wonderland Character. I was the caterpillar. LOL

  6. Oh, and I'm almost always up at four!!! (Although you knew that!)

  7. Yep! I'm on FB although I'm not there a whole lot. Do you have my irl name? I can pm it to you if you don't.

  8. Hi... missing you again. Do you happen to be on facebook? You were on here at 4 AM?? ::shock:: LOL

  9. Thank you for the first laugh of the morning... (the baby hasn't stuck anything up his nose... yet)

  10. Things are good! I'm in the middle of setting up my school schedule for I.'s second grade year so I haven't been on much. I'm really pleased with it, and more importantly, he is too (well, except for English)! Poor kid stepped on a nail a couple of days ago and had to go to the er to have it removed, but he's doing well now.


    How are you? How are the kids? The baby (not so much a baby anymore--almost 2!) gets into everything! Far more than I. ever did...but on the good side, he's very independent and just likes to play. He likes it if you play with him and is very social, but also has a good time playing alone.

    Do you know what you are using for this coming year?


    Hope all is well!

  11. Hi! I've missed you. How are things?

  12. I'm from PA...I'm in Clinton County but have family in the Harrisburg, Camp Hill, and Lancaster areas, so am often down that way.
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