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Peanut Allergy Question

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My son had another allergic reaction to something today. We aren't sure what he ate. It started while he was eating ice cream from McD's. He's had it HUNDREDS of times. It's always been a safe food for him. I checked the ingredients and nothing has changed. I did have a peanut butter sandwich for lunch and I did take a bit of his ice cream. The ice cream was 4 hours after lunch though and I'd had plenty of water. Not thinking about the peanut butter (obviously) I wiped the spoon on a napkin and handed it to him. Is it possible that I could have caused the reaction? Luckily, we caught it early and he was fine with some Benadryl, but YIKES! He's had reactions to eggs before, but never peanuts. He has tested positive for peanuts though on skin and blood tests.

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It's possible. It would just dependon how sensitive he is. Our allergist told us that peanut proteins have been found even on utensils that have been washed. Our son is severely allergic, and our whole household has given up peanut products to protect him. It's also possible there was something in the environment that he reacted to. Does your son have a contact allergy? Possibly another person ate peanuts(they give them out for ice cream if you ask) at your table before you? That has caused our son to react before. Our son also reacts to airborne dust, so that's a possibility.

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I agree about the cross-contamination.


McDonald's also makes the McFlurry (like a blizzard) and they have ingredients that contain peanut. It is very possible some of those ingredients cross contaminated the ice cream area or the cups they are placed in.


As a general rule, if your son has tested positive for peanut allergy - even if you have not yet seen symptoms - I would avoid any fast-food type ice cream.


It is so hard to deal with food allergies! :grouphug:

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