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Life Insurance Questions...

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How do you tell if someone had a life insurance policy if you don't have any of the information from it?


We know my brother S had a life insurance policy and the company it was through. My mother is fairly sure that when her then-current hubby bought the policy on S he also bought one on M, but we have no way of finding the original paperwork as we don't have access to the house where they likely are. We inquired with the insurance company and they deny having a policy for M.


Is there a way to find out if there is a policy? My mother likely is the beneficiary.

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I would ask who ever is executor of the estate. They may have access to this kind of info or have an easier time obtaining info from the insurance company because they have the death certificates and the legal right to ask.


The Estate for M? He left none. He passed away almost 15 years ago, and my mother had forgotten about these insurance policies until it came up with S's death.

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Guest joanpark

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