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World history, US history, combine or split, and at what years?

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We are starting 9th grade in three weeks and I am still up in the air with my plans! Ahhhh! ;)


I was thinking I would do two years of combined world history and geography, and one year of combined US history, geography, and government. Now I am thinking it makes more sense to do three years of world history with US history and government woven in.


Which way would you do it? And, whichever way you would do it, what time periods would you do for each year?


Right now I am leaning towards three years of world history, looking something like this:

9th: Ancient - 1400ish

10th: 1400ish - 1900ish (US history, government, and constitution included)

11th: 1900ish - present (focus on the US role in world events)


Thoughts? Thanks!

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We do four years of World history, with US history included in the last two.

9th: World- Ancients, 1cr

10th World- Medieval+Renaissance, 1cr

11th World+US: 1600-1850 (0.5 cr World,+ 0.5 cr US), +0.5 cr US Government

12th World+US: 1850-present (0.5 cr World+ 0.5 cr. US)


Ancients and Medieval and Renaissance are so wonderful, rich topics that I would hate to cram them together in a single year, particularly because of all the literature that goes with it. We could have easily spent even more time.

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I can sympathize because I did not think I would be teaching 9th this year but life has a way of making you thrown off balance.


Anyhow, I did American History in 7th, World History in 8th (I think that was actually wrong compared to how public schools do it in NY). I am not sure what to do for 9th.


I'm not into Ancient history and don't want to teach it. Last year we did World History with an emphasis on Geography and how each country was impacted by its location in the physical world--a.e. an island nation like Jamaica would have its culture impacted by the water--fishing playing a major part.


One thing I do is use films from various countries to help my son understand--he's into subtitles!

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