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William & Mary's Gifted Science Curricula: How well does it work for HS?

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I really like what I have read about their science curriculum, particularly "Electricity City", for my 8 y/o Science nut. But I'm wondering how well it translates to homeschool use. For example, does it require heavy collaboration? Anyone have any experience here? I'm also trying to compare it with BFSU.






Many thanks in advance!

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okay, dharmacat, PLEASE try it and then tell us all how it went!!! :D


I will say that it is a much shorter stint than BFSU: meant for 9-ish weeks science at a school (found that on the CFGE science materials page, which you've probably seen but I'm adding for other folks -- it took me a bit to figure out these pages, but if you like CFGE books and want to get a feel for scheduling them, the website is super useful, esp. the materials pages with comprehensive lists of the materials and summaries of the content). BFSU will span over a year.


I was unhappy at the way BFSU for K-2 handled electromagnetic radiation and energies for various reasons, but it is a very popular choice with science-savvy home educators.

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I received a response from a professor at W&M, and she said it is too collaborative-based to work well in an HS setting. :(


Maybe someday I'll create a similar project for us (so says the incessant idealist)...or find a used copy cheap on ebay and try to adapt it. :001_smile:

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