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Not sure if this is where I need to ask, but if you use Barton Reading

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would you still use All About Spelling?


I have been using All About Spelling with my dd9, and had started using it with dd7. After having done some research, I am pretty confident that dd7 is dyslexic (we will be getting her formally tested soon), and I was wondering if I should continue with AAS and skip Barton Reading, or get Barton Reading and drop AAS, or do use both programs. I know on the Barton website they say that it takes the place of all the language arts curricula, but that is hard to imagine. I also use FLL and WWE with dd7. Would I need to drop those, too, if we went with Barton?


Thanks for any info and advice!

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I've just started using Barton with ds8, and you definitely don't need to use both Barton and AAS. Barton teaches spelling. I don't know enough about AAS, and we haven't used Barton long enough to be able to recommend either.


Susan Barton says that it covers everything besides penmanship, and recommends no outside reading (apart from their readers) until Level 4. I just ordered WWE 1 and a handwriting workbook for ds8, and that will be all we use for language arts this year.


Go ahead and e-mail Barton if you have questions - they're very, very helpful. :)


I know there are several people on here who've been using Barton for a while now, so doing a search might bring up some helpful posts.



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But I do use Barton. Barton is very thorough in covering spelling rules and situations in which the student needs to use the Spelling Ace, which comes with Level 4 I think.


Personally, I think Barton is enough to do for a child who is already struggling with reading and spelling.


That said, I added Spelling Through Morphographs one year while still working through Barton. It is a different approach to spelling and only uses a handful of rules. Did it help? I really couldn't say. :confused: My daughter's spelling has definitely improved, though. While she will never be a good speller, she spells so many more words correctly in her writing than she used to, and the spell checker can actually recognize what she is trying to spell when she misspells something. :D We've gone through Level 8, BTW, and she will be in 9th grade this coming school year.

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