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Homeschooling in Ohio?

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It's easy.


Letter of intent (which states that you have a high school diploma, will provide a minimum or 900 hours of instruction, list of general coursework), list of resources and list of curriculum both for informational purposes only.


End of year, you send in an assessment (with new notification- otherwise not needed, school will assess) that is one of 3 things. Comp score only of a nationally normed test 25th percentile and above, signed letter from an Ohio certified teacher or someone else mutually agreed upon.


I can send you a copy of my stuff as an example. I only change dates and tweak some stuff each year. Takes like, 6 minutes.



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Ohio is not difficult in regards to regulations. Just a notification filed in the summer and then the next year you have to attach to your notification the results of a standardized test, a written narrative prepared by a certified teacher, or some other method that has to be approved by the superintendent.

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