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Tell me about Quick Books

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It looks like dh may be starting his own business soon. I get the "privilege", lol, of helping with the paperwork.

I was an accounting major for a brief time... so brief that I never got past general ed courses for any college accounting courses. In high school, 17 years ago, I did paper balance sheets. ;)


How hard or easy is it going to be for me to pick this up?

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I do not have an accounting (or any business background) but I am generally pretty good at picking up computer programs quickly. I learned QB pretty kuh on my own for my Dad's company and did his books for several years. They were already set up, though. There were some tricks to setting everything up that really helped, like assigning account numbers with certain meanings and using mother accounts, etc. He had a CPA that he used for taxes and such that helped get everything set up in the beginning. I would recommend getting someone familiar with QB to help with set up to make it easier on you until you learn your way around, but it wasn't that hard for me to learn after I got into it.

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