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DD hates workbooks/worksheets

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DD will be doing Oak Meadow K. I wanted to do a bit of ETC as a supplement. It has become quite obvious she is not a workbook kid AT ALL. I shoild have known, because she used to cry everytime she saw a Rod and Staff workbook, lol.


Should I shelve the ETC and HWT and go with the more organic approach of OM on its own? She DOES have fine motor delays (associated with her SPD and a hand issue), but is coloring now although its really a lot of scribble. I don't know if its frustration or non-interest or stubborness. I do not want her behind but I don't want to push, either. She is so younb.

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Your DD is only 4 - I would shelve it.


My DS1 has ETC1 workbook for when he wants to do school. Even though he LIKES workbooks he hasn't done a lot of it at all. The interest in that type of thing is just low at that age.


My DD hates workbooks as well. We ended up doing ETC mostly orally. She has SPD as well and some gross motor delays. I am still working with her on that. We do HWOT sparodically when she is in the mood -which isn't often.


I suggest working with your DD's delays first. I let my DD color as much as she likes and count that as handwriting. We do lots of sensory activities as well as gross motor skill activities. My DD was still only scribbling at 4 as well. Now she is doing much more age appropriate coloring. It takes time and practice.


Do ETC orally if you want or use alphabet magnets she can move around instead of doing the writing. My DD does a lot of her writing on a big whiteboard - it doesn't drag as much on her hand and tire it as easily.


I highly recommend these two books by Jodene Smith.








My DD loves to do the activities in them -they are fun.


My recomendation would be to shelve the workbooks and just go with Oak Meadow (which I am thinking of using too next year).


She can't fall behind at 4 years old :001_smile: My DD is 6 and although a decent reader for her age is is still at Pre-K writing stage. I'm not worried though -I'm working with her to slowly at her pace to improve her motor skills first -as long as she is moving forward she will catch up eventually.

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