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am I going to overwhelm him?


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My rising 7th grader is going to have a lot more work next year I think. This past year we had weeks we did a lot, but lots of weeks where we slacked in either writing, spanish, or logic, or all three. Plus his computer course was canceled becuase the company never put out the lessons. So this year I'm making sure everything is scheduled in HST online before we start school, to keep us accountable. And he will be doing a lot of it independently, as we will have an infant sometime in September. So...this is the line up:


History: Sonlight Core H

Literature: Sonlight Core H

Writing: Essentials in Writing 7

Grammar: punctuation workbook, just covering that this year as he needs help with it, but has no issues with diagramming. We will hit Grammar hard again next year.

Vocab: Marie's Words flashcards

Math: Kinetic Books Algebra 1

Science: Noeo Physics III

Logic: Thinking Toolbox

Religion: One book from Sonlight, Rod and Staff Bible 7

Typing: Typing Pal


Plus one morning a week at our local co-op, covering random things as enrichment (music, geography, art, CPR, etc).


The biggest jumps are going to be writing, math, and science. He only got through part of WWE 4 last year. Math we just finished MM6, which he handled well, and I really think he is capable of Algebra 1, but it will be a step up. Science is something we have mostly unschooled and done with co-op, so having to write up vocab, experiments, etc is a step up as well.


This isn't too much, right?

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