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Should I see a doctor?

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I feel fine. Really completely fine. However, I have had a sore throat for two weeks. It isn't the kind of raw throat that prevents eating - it just hurts.


What are the reasons one might have a persisten sore throat? For a while it felt like I had a canker sore in there.


Eta: ok. I looked with a flash light. I definitely have a canker sore in there. So no need for a doctor, but I think i deserve some sympathy;)

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When I worked in pediatrics, we would swab canker sores with Maalox to coat the sore and relieve the pain. You have to have really long swabs though. Sipping a little Maalox an swishing to make sure it coats the sore may help.


Another thought.....a persistent sore in your throat for that long can indicate gastrointestinal reflux. Are you having any other symptoms? heartburn? indigestion? waking up gasping?

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For the canker sore you can try gargling frequently.


Allergies also come to mind. Sometimes you feel post-nasal drip as a sore throat.


That should be the root. I get canker sores from time to time,so I am not worried about it not hat is see them back there. Miserable, but not dangerous!

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