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DIVE Integrated Chem & Physics- Lab ?

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For those of you have have completed the DIVE integrated Chem & Physics... Is the $200 plus lab set worth it? Did you find you could have chosen an alterantive?


Yes, I know I could purchase part and pieces...


I am just having a difficult time spending that much $$$



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Do you have the CD yet? I highly recommend buying in pieces not the whole kit. On the other hand, if you have no equipment, $200 may be base cost.


If you read the student book it gives supply lists for each lab. It also suggests labs that are expensive and can easily be watched instead of actually doing them.

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Hi Cheryl!:seeya:

I bought it for convience sake, and it was convenient, but it was not worth the price. For an example, the weighing cups that are included in the kit are those little ketchup cups from McDonalds. There were several other items like that, too. If time is more precious than money, it may be a good investment, but if the contrary, I advise you to piecemeal it.



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