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Jacobs' Mathematics - questions


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Mathematics: A Human Endeavor by Jacobs looks like an interesting book. Where would you say this fits into a mathematical curriculum?


Is it sort of an after arithmetic, but before algebra offering? Is it similar to Lial's BCM? (Haven't looked at that but have seen it referenced a lot.)


Is it more a text that will help catch a child up or cover missed areas, or would a child who is advanced (say, finishing up MM and moving to algebra) benefit from it?


I've looked at some old threads, but I just can't quite put my finger on where this book would fit and who it's for. :confused: I'm apparently missing something... :D

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Hi, Rainbow Resource suggests high school or using it as a reference during your earlier math courses: http://www.rainbowresource.com/product/sku/004044/1b14cc329acf06ce4c148511


According to the description, it covers number sequences, functions, graphs, scientific notation, logarithms, geometry, curves, permutations, probability and statistics.


If we have time, I would love to try Human Endeavor, too! I've looked at it a couple of times. There are several reviews on Amazon for it also.

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MHE is good as a resting place either before or after Algebra I. However, if you use it after Jacobs Algebra, be warned that the student will have seen quite a bit of in in the algebra book.


It does not cover arithmetic, so it will not help fill gaps. It's not at all like BCM. BCM is about filling gaps, whereas MHE is about the beauty of math. A "math for poets" class. I believe it was written to interest disgruntled high school/college students in math (a liberal arts math course), but in the homeschool community it seems to be used by advanced students as a supplement or as a parking place before algebra.


I used it for a while as a supplement with an advanced student and then we also used it for maybe 4 months when I was figuring out what to do about geometry.


It's an interesting book.

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