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Has anyone used Coursera?

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My boys finished the Comp Sci 101 in June. I doubt I will give them any credit for it, honestly. They are doing different comp sci classes to help get ready for AP comp sci next year at the public school.


If we were designing a class worth a credit or half credit, I would keep track of hours spent on the course work and assignments and add that to other work to come up with enough hours for the amount of credit to be assigned.


They both enjoyed the comp sci class. We tried the logic course, but it was not as engaging.

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I was on their site and it looks pretty interesting. And Free.:001_smile: Most classes don't seem to take many weeks so I'm curious how I would count their courses for credit. Clearly not enough hours are being put in. If you have used them, how have you assigned credit?

Mythology.... My plan is to beef it up a little (after the ten weeks) with extra readings and preparation for the Medusa Exam, and then call it a half credit. He's done a ton of mythology in past years that I haven't credited at all, so one half credit now shouldn't be excessive.

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