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Another history question...

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My four older children are all going to start SOTW 3 in a few months. I do supplement some for the older two but they have some learning delays so it really works keeping the four of them together.

My 6 year old will be old enough to really start some more formal history with this year and I'm thinking since he's so much younger than the other kids I would just start SOTW 1 with him. I was thinking I could alternate RAs between the two time periods. I don't think it would hurt the older kids to hear some early history RAs again. It took us 2 years to get through SOTW 1 the first time.

We don't do a lot of projects, but we do read a lot of books.

I could work him in, but I just think he would do better and learn more if I worked one on one with him instead of trying to integrate him into the older kids history world which is already established.

OTOH, I could pick up Beautiful Feet's Early American History and just use that as a supplement with him while we work through SOTW 3. I'm thinking of getting the Intermediate to work through as a literature study for the older kids anyway.

Ok, so tell me what you think. I found a great place in the schedule for his history if I go back to SOTW 1 and it would not put any extra strain on me.

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I think I'd do SOTW 1 with him. As you said, the kids can all listen in on each other's read alouds--it'll prepare him and help the others review.


I think you could do his history in about 30 minutes, 3x a week, no problem. (I don't count read alouds in any subject as part of that time, btw.) I'd do the text, a coloring page once in a while during your reading, and a narration once a week or so. A lot of the read alouds for SOTW 1 are doable in an hour or two.

I'd for sure do the Mary Pope Osborne Odyssey series, D'Aulaires, and Archeologists Dig for Clues. I'd also do several projects--one of my favs was the Nile River in the foil pan.


It could be very special time for you and him!

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