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Waldorf Essentials Sale--Affordable (Really) Waldorf Curriculum


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I've bought a few of Melissa's ebooks and I really like them. I really like her "Late to Waldorf" guides...as they basically give you all the meaty bits on what you missed in the earlier years. Her ebooks are $30 (not discounted) and for a printed version it's $47. The coming to late books start at $15 and go up to $20. She also bundles a lot with her Thinking Feeling Willing year long support program, which I just joined, but like. The sale prices are 20% off. :)


I think it's great for people considering Waldorf or even thinking about Waldorf Afterschooling.





coupon code is: BIGSUMMER


I don't know how long the sale lasts, but I'm assuming at least a week or so.


If you look for her youtube videos, you can find a lot of great tutorials on how to do various Waldorf-y crafts, etc.


I've been really impressed with the value and quality of her stuff--especially when I compare it to prices for similar curricula. She could easily double her prices and still be a good value. (But I'm glad she hasn't. :))

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What do you think of the TFW program so far?


I'm enjoying it. I'm just about to start month 3. I think the real value comes from the ability to consult with Melissa for free and stuff. They just updated the website maybe a month ago, so it will be interesting to see if things take off. I'm assuming things might get busier once the traditional school year starts again.

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Everything is online...but I've put a lot on my iPad. She includes her 120 days book which I'm loving. You can access the entire kindy program, but I think only the first six months of TFW at a time. I need to recheck though. Lots of podcasts and videos too. :)

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