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National connection academy


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Anyone have experience with National Connection Academy. (It’s the same as your state connection academy but we are paying. )We are bringing home our daughter who will be a junior in high school this year. This mom has not done Algebra 2 since college. I need a teacher to back me up.

1. Can you really get a teacher to answer questions quickly?

2. Is it worth the money?

3. Do you feel like your child got a good education?

4. How flexible was it?

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Not sure why one would pay for Connections Academy? I mean, I get the "free public school" thing, I get why one would do that...but pay for it? When I looked at Connections Academy, ALOT of their curriculum is one of two things: 1. Regular textbooks that public schools use, like McGraw-Hill, etc. and 2. Parts of the Calvert school curriculum(private school that sells curriculum to homeschoolers). Then Connections adds a poorly done, IMHO, online component. So you are essentially paying them for things you could get on your own, and cheaper.


If you are just looking for some high school help, there's a TON of online classes for homeschoolers, especially in high school. I almost guarantee it's all going to be more economical than private-pay Connections Academy, and probably better done as well.


Now had you said, private K12 curriculum, I can see that, but again, IMHO, the K12.com curriculum is heads and shoulders over Connections Academy AND it's their curriculum, not pieced together from other vendors.

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