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potty training issue

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my son uses his little potty on his own without prompting or asking him for both pee and poop but he will not use it when wearing underwear and pullups. He even says to himself I have to go potty. He gets up from sleep and goes to the potty but......


The minute he has underwear, pullups on...he poops and pees in it. Won't tell us he has to go or even pull his pants down. So if we have visitors over that are unnerved by his bottomlessness the training is over...or if we go out of the house and he has to wear clothes...he poops and pees in it. We do take him to the potty outside of the home but doesn't use it-he sits on it for a minute and then done.


He even begs and asks for a pull up and underwear on sometimes. I just make it a point that as soon as we are in the house he is bottomless.


I have potty trained many kids...including one child with pdd and another with a developmental disability so this is new to me...


Any suggestions?

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I am assumming you are talking about your 2 year old. Some of this behavior is really normal. It just takes awhile to get it all figured out for some kids. For him, underwear and such may be a 'time saving device' so he doesn't miss play time. Or it may be that motor skill wise getting to the bathroom on time, pushing them down or taking them off and then putting them back on is still pretty difficult. Many kids don't like public bathrooms because of the glaring lights and the very loud sounds public toilets make.

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I have never had a child potty train this late. Most of mine were done by 18-20 months except for my oldest who was also 3 years but it was done in three days unlike this child who is taking it seems forever.


My stepkids were late because their bio mom doesn't potty train at all. She leaves them in diapers for as long as possible. So as soon as I got them at 3.5 and 5.5yrs---those dang diapers/pull ups got taken off.

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Both of my boys did the same thing....so I had to dedicate an entire week to staying home and letting them be naked the whole time before it "clicked" with them. (I only put a pullup on at night time...and then took those away a couple of months later) Maybe that will help???

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I think that is not unusual given his age and special needs.


My son with Autism is 4.5 and we are still working on potty training here. He is extremely low verbal and isn't able to tell us he has to go nor does he think to take himself. He regularly uses the toilet but that is because we take him regularly. He hides when he has to poop and screams if I try to get him to sit on the toilet. He much prefers standing which he can do for pee. There is something about sitting down on the toilet that he greatly dislikes so he avoids it.


I would start with just having him wear underwear for part of the day to practice and take him regularly so he can see that he can still use the potty even with underwear on. My son spends much of the day in just underwear. He'd prefer to wear nothing but I kind of insist on the underwear or there is way too much playing with things.


We still have trouble when out in public. My son completely refuses to go while at school and holds it until he gets home. If a place is unfamiliar he will scream and refuse to go.


I don't think he is taking forever. I know of very few children with Autism fully trained at 3. I think my son is doing pretty well considering his challenges. Many kids with his verbal ability are in diapers much longer than he has been. I can at least see that we will get there but it is taking much longer than with a typical child.

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