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You know you are a homeschooler...

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(... or future in our case...)


When you're packing up all the textbooks and various other books that you and your DH have kept from your time in college and have this conversation:


Me: Maybe we should get rid of some of these.


DH (looking horrified): WHAT?


Me: But we have so many, and if we are trying to simplify what we have... *pauses to note DH's face* No?


DH (very firmly and sounding about as horrified as he looks): No. Absolutely not. Think of how much use we can get out of these babies once the kids are in high school!



So maybe it is a good thing that we've already decided that I'm in charge of curriculum and purchasing. I'm beginning to think that DH might have curriculum junkie and hoarding tendencies :lol:

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DH saved many of his engineering/electronics textbooks from college.

Our 10-year-old found them recently and has been reading them. Amazingly, he actually understands them. (Yet I can't get him to memorize his multiplication facts. :lol:)

So you may see the benefit of saving those texts before high school.

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