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I saw this on another post today and it seems like it could be perfect for me. I am about 60 pounds overweight. I eat very healthy, whole foods (we live on a farm) combined with store bought, junk food addiction (potato chips, ice cream). We're sort of weird. :lol:


Anyway. My concern is how horrible I might feel as I come off all the sugar. I have a really sensitive stomach (that I imagine might feel better ultimately on this diet) but I am just worried about the adjustment. Any experiences?


Oh and what about kids!! Should I put my 6 and 8 YO on this with me? Is there anything they need that isn't included?


And what do you do afterward? Just go back to normal or what? Anyone with experience would be appreciated!

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I haven't done Whole 30, but I have done a restricted carb diet ( all carbs (including good carbs) were restricted to a 1 60 minute period per day).


I felt bad for 2-3 days coming off sugar, but I felt much better after that. The best part was that my cravings went away - I never felt hungry unless I was truly hungry.


You can't go back to your old way of eating. You will probably regain the weight you lost plus add on more. You are currently living "normal", if you follow the Whole 30 plan and then return to eating "normal", you will return to this current "normal" and undo all the benefits you have gained.


Best wishes

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